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Yardley London

Celebrating 100 Years Of April Violets

Yardley London's April Violets fragrance is celebrating its 100th birthday.

First introduced back in 1913, it was later re-introduced in 2010 due to its popularity.

Violet is a spring flower that can be found growing in the wild woodland. There are 400-500 varieties of Violet.

Available in Eau de Toilette, Body Spray, Tin Talc and Soap, April Violets has a really distinctive delicious smell, with a sprinkle of floral added in.  

April Violets Range

Even though the brand has had different names, due to a change in ownership: Yardley & Stratham (1841) Yardley & Company (1851) Yardley & Co Ltd (1884), Yardley London will always be best-known for its signature fragrance and that's Lavender. 

Yardley London -This Is Your Life

  • In 1770 Yardley London was established by William Cleaver’s father in the City of London
  • Yardley & Co Ltd moved to new premises on Carpenters Road, Stratford in 1905
  • A new Bond Street shop opened in 1910
  • Yardley was launched in the US in 1921
  • By Royal Appointment Yardley became Perfumer to H.M Queen Mary in 1932
  • Yardley's advertising poster was voted Poster Of The Year in 1933
  • By Royal Appointment Yardley became soap supplies to H.M King George VI in 1949


  • A range of men's toiletries was launched in 1951
  • By Royal Appointment Yardley started to manufacture soaps for H.M. Queen Elizabeth II in 1955
  • By Royal Appointment Yardley became perfumers and manufacturers to H.M. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in 1960
  • During the Swinging Sixties Twiggy fronted Yardley's advertising campaign
  • Yardley London have always sourced all of its Lavender from England
  • Yardley had 1,000 cosmetic lines exported to 130 countries in 1970


Yardley Slicker Dollies Bus Lipstick 1960s Advert

Yardley Londonis available at Boots, Lloyds, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, independent chemists and online at


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