Junk for Joy! £16.99

If you lack the creative skills to turn your trash into treasure then Junk for Joy has all the answers you need.


Sian Berry takes items found in skips, the street, junk and charity shops and using simple, practical, professional techniques, helps to give your item its own individual new look.

There are over 40 project ideas in a step-by-step guide and photographs to help you along.


Flea Market Chic £19.99

I have a confession to make...I  love walking the streets looking in skips and front gardens for other people’s rubbish.

Now before you start laughing and pointing fingers, I’ll have you know that I found a red top Formica table in good condition abandoned in the street. 

So apart from hunting the streets to find hidden treasures another place you might want to try is in a flea market. But where to start, well you could begin by doing some research using Flea Market Chic.


In this book Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell guide you through the whole process of where to shop, how to spot the treasures from the trash, how to negotiate and plus tips on giving your item a new look.

The Ladybird Book of London £4.99

I’m a huge fan of Ladybird books. I was quite lucky enough to find 10 books in a jumble sale for £1.

So I was obviously very excited to see that in honour of the first published 'The Ladybird Book of London' (1961) a new edition has been published.

In keeping with the history of the original book, the new edition is exactly the same.

This edition tells the history of London’s sights and it’s all illustrated using twenty-four beautiful full-page pictures.

Style Me Vintage

Naomi Thompson talks to The Vintage News about her new vintage style book