Quant by Quant - The Autobiography of Mary Quant

Mention the name Mary Quant and you instantly think of the swinging sixties, mini skirts and her Vidal Sassoon haircut, well I do anyway.

Now you can learn all about the lady herself in her own words with her autobiography Quant By Quant.


Originally published in 1966, this book looks at her early life and career.

Mary goes into detail about her childhood growing up with her brother and their Welsh parents, being evacuated during the blitz and discovering a gift for dressmaking while she was still at school. 

We find out the story behind how she met her business partner and future husband Alexander Plunket Greene and how she got started in her career in fashion.

It's fascinating to read that despite not having much business experience, Mary was able to accomplish her success, be awarded an OBE and it all started with the opening of her Bazaar boutique on the King's Road in 1955.

I found myself rooting for her every time she encountered a problem, or was dismissed by people who didn't believe in her and what she wanted to achieve. 

“The trade ignored us. They laughed at us openly. They called us degenerate. They raised their eyebrows in mystified amazement. 

Later, when they realised how successful Bazaar was proving, they called our success a 'flash in the pan'. 

It was utterly impossible for them – or for us – to envisage that within seven years the business would go well over the million mark.” 

You'll also learn about how despite who she became Mary was actually really shy and when she had her boutique she used to take shots to give her the courage to serve her customers. 

There are no chapters so it felt more like having a conversion with Mary and by the end you'll really feel like she's taken you through the journey of her early life. 

£8.99 Paperback, £6.99 E-BOOK V&A Publishing 

Mary Quant Fashion Show in London (1967)