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Caroline Charles

Have you got any styling tips to give us?

If I was going to give a woman one styling tip it would be to wear their hair tied up; wear it sleek and shaped, it is very elegant to see the neckline and is always looks polished.


What designers do you most admire?

After 50 years in the fashion industry the designers I most admire are the innovators, the ones who created a style that remains chic and relevant to this day; Mary Quant for her wisdom and pioneering designs in the 60s, Chanel in the 30s, Kenzo in the 70s and Dolce and Gabbana in the 00s.


How can you become successful in an industry that is so fickle?

In order to remain successful in the fashion industry you have to develop the addiction and love it, keep inspired and roll with the continuous change, look to other art forms for ideas and always be aware...


What's the one piece of advice you would give when it comes to producing a collection?

The key to producing a successful collection is variety, desirable fabrics, social awareness and having a good team around you.


It must have been fun researching through 50 years of fashion?

Putting together a glossy book to celebrate 50 years has been a lovely way to look back - career highlights include the O.B.E and expanding the Caroline Charles label in Japan, USA and China.


Finish this sentence...My Advice To Aspiring Young Designers Would Be...

Learn every aspect, design clothes that women will buy one year ahead and give it your all.


50 Years In Fashion by Caroline Charles is available to buy now


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