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Daniela Turudich 

Daniela Turudich
How long have you been an author and is it your full time job? 
Since 1999. Full time job? Yes and no. I’m a mother first and an author second. Writing gets scheduled around playing with and raising my children.
What books have you previously written?
1940s Hairstyle, Art Deco Hairstyles, Vintage Wedding, Vintage Beauty, Vintage Face, Vintage Fashion Directory and Guidebook and Rosie’s Riveting Recipes.
Coming Soon: Vintage Candy and 1950s Hair.


Which was your favourite?

My favourite was Vintage Face. I struggled with skin problems for so long and the only solution that I found were in vintage recipes made from scrap out of everyday pantry items. I wanted to share this knowledge with other women.



Is there a subject you haven't written about that you'd like to?

A million. However, not enough time in the day to do them all. I have a five page list of ideas that will see the light of day someday. 

Tell us about Rosie's Riveting Recipes?

Rosie’s Riveting Recipes is a compilation of some of the best recipes from WWII that highlight the ease and simplicity of creating wholesome, nutrient dense meals on a limited budget.


Why did you decide to focus on the 1940s?

Rosie’s Riveting Recipes was written as I was teaching myself how to cook on a limited budget. I found many modern recipes a bit too cumbersome and they required many speciality ingredients – which could get expensive. When I started researching recipes, the recipes I was drawn to were created during a time when women were working in factories and still needed to find a way to provide wholesome, nutritious, and nutrient dense meals three times a day for their families using limited money and time. There were no TV dinners or easy fixes. You cooked for your family and you made do with what you had. Those philosophies rang true with me on a personal level. I figured many other families could relate as well.


Do you have a favourite recipe and have you tried to cook it?

Many. But my all time favourite is Wartime Noodles and Cottage Cheese. It’s my two year old son’s favourite and it was also his great grandfather’s favourite. The book contains many recipes that have been tested from generation to generation.


What did you love most about writing this book and what has it taught you?

I learned how to stretch ingredients and how to stretch a dollar – which I think are pretty valuable lessons given the economic climate. I also learned that those came before us knew a thing or two about cooking for their families and we’ve lost some of those secrets and tricks along the way. I’m hoping to bring back some of that lost knowledge. 

Finish this sentence…I wish I’d written…?

It earlier. It’s changed the way my family eats, how we relate to food, and how we relate to our history.


You have the opportunity to meet any author past or present who would it be?

Mark Twain. The sheer amount of writing he completed is incredible. I’d like to know his secret.