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Naomi & Liz: Style Me Vintage Accessories

What books have you previously written?
Naomi Style Me Vintage Clothes.

Liz This is my first book...although I do have another one in the pipeline (due for release next April!) but that is still super hush hush at the moment.


Describe your book in five words?
Naomi Timeless, informative, friendly, chic and accessible.

Liz Accessible, personal, informative, international and beautiful.


Name your top 3 favourite accessories featured in the book?
Naomi Can I please have 4?
My gran’s 1930s bat necklace. I adore the cameo montage page illustrated by

Ami Lowman
My mother’s large gold Christian Dior bull head earrings. The flower head band by Abbie Walsh. It’s made with authentic 40s felt flowers and ribbon.

Liz Oh gosh! That is hard. I love so many of the pieces featured in the book. 

A 1930s handbag my Mum bought in a charity shop in the 90s. It reminds me of the vintage/ antique hunting trips we used to go on when I was younger (and still occasionally go on now).
My Lotus platform shoes worn for the original owners wedding in 1948.
And finally? It has to be the incredible stockings with red clocks and seams (owned by the same lady as the Lotus platforms). I've never seen another pair of 40s stockings with contrasting brightly coloured seams.


When it comes to accessories, what era do you love the most?
Naomi: I just love plastics of any era, 30s hats and a chunky 70s heal.

Liz: I'm a bit of a mix really. I adore 40s shoes-but when it comes to jewellery, handbags and hats it's the 50s that I really love.


Vintage or non-vintage wardrobe, you have to pick one, what would it be?
Naomi: A mix of both please. I like mixing vintage with plain modern bits. Nice stretchy t-shirts and well tailored trousers with outrageous vintage jackets.

Liz: Vintage all the way. I do buy modern things occasionally but it tends to be plain basic garments (I do however have a penchant for modern plastic jewellery).


What has writing this book taught you?
Naomi: You can never have too many accessories. Categorically impossible.

Liz: That I own a frightening number of pairs of vintage shoes...Oh, and that my Mum's jewellery collection is INSANE!


What did you love most about writing this book?
Naomi: Working with Liz. Every day is a school day.

Liz: Ah, so many things. Getting to work with one of my best friends was a really fantastic experience-there were struggles along the way, but we made it!
I also loved getting so many people I know involved, I am so happy with the loans we managed to get from some of the best collectors of vintage out there.


Finish this sentence…I wish I’d written…?
Naomi: Can I say what I would like to write? I would like to do a children’s book.

Liz: I think everyone writes their own books so well, I almost feel like I can't answer that.


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