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Cooking For Victory

Step back in time to the days of when everyone had a ration book, which said how much and what foods they could buy.

Some foods like Bananas disappeared all together, younger children did not see their first banana until the war ended.


Featuring songs like, Please Leave My Butter Alone, Ration Blues and When Can I Have A Banana Again, really gives you an insight into how families coped during that era.


£9.99   www.iwmshop.org.uk

Hits From The Blitz

Music played an important part during the Blitz, artists such as Dame Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters and even Judy Garland helped to lift the nation during a bleak time.


Now you too can listen to the songs that helped bring a nation together during the Blitz.


£14.99 www.iwmshop.org.uk