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World War One Through Music

For 2 weeks (23rd June - 6th July) BBC Radio 3 will tell the story of World War One through music. 
They will feature programmes that explore war-time composers, musicians from Britain, the impact of the war on classical music, the spread of the gramophone, trench songs and the rise of jazz music. 
Music had  a vital role in bringing the nation together, creating a sense of nationalism, camaraderie and pride during World War One. 
It allowed people to expresses their grief and loss of their society. 
BBC Radio 3 will also collaborate with the National Trust for three events, from venues that have War connections. 
Dunham Massey, used as a military hospital during the war, Batemans, the former home of Rudyard Kipling, who lost his son in the war and St Lawrence’s Church, Shaw’s Corner.
“For two weeks, Radio 3 will shine new light and provide contextual programming on the musical experience of millions as they lived through this historic conflict.”
Roger Wright, BBC Radio 3 & Director, BBC Proms. 
  • New recordings by the BBC orchestras of works not heard since 1919. Also featuring music from the lost musical generation who died at the front.
  • Historic Radio 3 Live Concert from Sarajevo. 
  • Matthew Sweet introduces music from the vast range of films inspired by the First World War.
  • A look at the effects of the First World War on the course of musical history in the first quarter of the 20th century.

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