My Favourite Things...

Bexi Owen

Bexi Owen aka The Swinging Singing Showgirl, was awarded the Best Musical Performer at the UK National Vintage Awards 2013 and Best Entertainer finalist at the Vintage Manchester Awards 2013. 
Bexi is currently touring the UK in Shake, Dazzle and Roll, a 1950s themed event of live music and dancing. 


Has to be the 1950s! Whilst I do love parts of others such as 1940s' music and 1920s' styling, the '50s has remained my favourite since I first started finding my own style.



As a singer, I have so many favourites. I love any song that gets people dancing so one I love performing is the '50s classic 'Stupid Cupid' as it's such fun to sing and I'm a big fan of Connie Francis. I sing at a lot of swing dance events so anything that gets people up and swirling around is great.



Diana Dors was wonderful as she was so talented and funny as well as stylish and represented Britain at a time when everyone looked toward Hollywood for their glamorous actresses.

Gene Kelly was, again, someone who was so multi-talented and made great films.



I love so many musicals from the '50s I don't think I can pick just one so my top three are 'Singing in the Rain' 'High Society' and 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.


TV Show

I did like 'Smash' due to the musical elements and the Marilyn Monroe references but it was recently cancelled so I shall have to find something else to get a glamour fix! To pick an actual older TV programme, I'd probably go with 'Bewitched' as I loved it growing up and feel all nostalgic whenever I watch it