My Favourite Things...

The Scarlet Starlets

Meet The Scarlet Starlets: Bunny, Cookie and Pippen



We love the 1920s-1940s the most, the fashion, the style, the songs, and the camaraderie. We love styling ourselves based on this time plus, the jazz songs from this era are absolutely amazing. They make up most of our set.



My Baby Just Cares For Me, Blue Skies, Get Happy.



Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, of course!



So many to pick from but we would have to say, anything from The Golden Age of Hollywood.


TV Show

Dr Who! It’s easy to be nostalgic and glamorise the past, make it seem romantic even. It would be amazing to have a time machine to go back there and really see what it was like.


The Scarlet Starlets Showreel (including "Candyman")