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On The Buses

Fans of the 1970s sitcom On The Buses are going to love this box set, because just look at what's included:

On The Buses Series 1-7

Feature Films: On The Buses, Mutiny on the Buses and Holiday On The Buses

Archive News Footage

The Best Pair of Legs in the Business (1974) A comedy film set in a holiday camp starring Reg Varney Diana Coupland and Lee Montague.

Part of the box set includes Blakey in his own show “Don’t Drink the Water” also starring Pat Coombs as Blakey’s Sister Dorothy.


On The Buses – The Complete Omnibus Edition (PG) is available to buy from

Mixed Blessings

I’m a big fan of watching anything related to the 70s, so obviously I was very excited to hear that the sitcom Mixed Blessings was out on DVD.  My mum especially as she used to love watching this show back when it was on TV in the 70s.


Mixed Blessings is about the life of a mixed raced couple, Thomas Simpson, played by Christopher Blake and Susan Lambert/Simpson played by Muriel Odunton.

Carmen Munroe, who previously appeared in The Fosters and later went onto star in Desmond’s plays Sandra’s mum Matilda Lambert.

You might also recognise Joan Sanderson from Please Sir! Fawlty Towers and Me and My Girl; she plays Thomas’ Aunt Dorothy.


Being a mixed raced couple in the 70s caused a lot of problems for their families, especially after the couple reveal that they are in fact married.

Mixed Blessings highlights the issues and problems that the couple faced in a light hearted way. The jokes could be considered offensive and probably wouldn’t be shown on TV today, like for example in the first episode Thomas’ mum asks Susan’s parents if they were ever slaves.

You just have to take the jokes with a pinch of salt; my mum wasn’t offended when she watched it back in the 70s and to be honest neither am I watching it today.


Mixed Blessings First Series (12)is available from Network DVD

The Fosters

The Fosters offers a funny insight into the life of a black Guyanese family living in a South London council estate during the 1970s. The parents were played by Norman Beaton as Samuel the dad (who later went on to star in Desmond’s) and Isabelle Lucas who played Pearl the mum.


They had three children; Sonny the eldest son was played by Lenny Henry, their teenage daughter, Shirley was played by Sharon Rosita and their youngest son Benjamin was played by Lawrie Mark. Another main character to feature was their next door neighbour Vilma; she was played by Carmen Munroe.  Desmond’s fans will recognise her as she later went on to star alongside Norman Beaton as his wife Shirley in Desmond’s.


They do tackle some social issues but they do so without coming across as being too overly aggressive or political about the situation.

Some things such as the 70s fashions, décor and some issues will be universal, so there is an aspect of the show that everybody will enjoy.


The Fosters Second Series (12) is available from Network DVD


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