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Populaire (12A)

If you're looking for a movie that combines the stylish glamour of Mad Men with plenty of romcom madness thrown in, then this stylish French film is a must see for you.

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It's Spring 1958 and Rose, played by Deborah François, attends an interview to work as the secretary to an insurance agency boss called Louis, played by Romain Duris.

However when her skills prove to be inadequate Rose reveals that she has another talent, her typing speed.

This ignites the competitor in Louis and he sets her a challenge, if she wants to keep her job she'll have to take part in a speed typing competition.

Romain explains why his character is so competitive,

Louis has a complex: he always comes second: in sport, in his father's eyes, in Marie's heart (she was the love of his life). His a deeply frustrated man who transfers all his ambition onto Rose, whom he wants to become champion.”

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Director Regis Roinsart came up with the type writing idea after watching a segment about speed typing competitions, during a documentary about the history of typewriters back in 2004.

This world of the typewriter seemed crazy to me.

I thought it was incredible that it could have become a sport and I was captivated by the rapport between man & machine.”

Regis was so fascinated by it that he started researching the sport of speed typing, shorthand and the schools that taught these skills.

This was to prove difficult at that time as many schools were closing down, so he turned to the internet, which provided him with the information that he needed. 

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One reason why Regis decided to set his film in the 1950s was because, he felt this was a time when women's place in the workplace started to change.

I'm just really excited about all the fabulous 1950s vintage costumes the actors get to wear.

Deborah especially enjoyed this aspect,



Many of the costumes were created for the film and I was able to discuss them with the wardrobe mistress.”

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Populaire is out on DVD now


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