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Biba And Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki

If I were a 20 something woman back in the 1960s and 1970s you would have found me shopping at Biba, with the likes of Sonny and Cher, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Princess Anne, Mia Farrow, Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot.

Biba was created by Barbara Hulanicki and her husband Fitz. Barbara created the designs and Fitz handled the business side of things.

Before the shop there was Biba’s Postal Boutique a mail order featuring Barbara Hulanicki's designs. 

Biba Facts

  • The first Biba boutique opened in Abingdon Road, London, in 1964.
  • In March 1966, Biba moved to a bigger store on 19-21 Kensington Church Street. The decor reflected Barbara Hulanicki love of Art Nouveau.
  • From 1967 children’s clothes were sold
  • In 1968, Biba launched a new mail order service
  • After the move to their Kensington High Street store Biba Ltd was formed in partnership with Dennis Day Ltd and Dorothy Perkins. They jointly owned 75% with Barbara and Fitz holding the remaining 25%.


July-Biba, 1965, photograph Ron Falloon
  • In 1970, Biba make-up was laucnhed in Dorthy Perkins stores. After Biba closed in 1975 they continued to use the name to market the cosmetics range.
  • In 1973, Big Biba a six storey department store, opened at the Derry & Toms Building 99-117 Kensington High Street.
  • In 1973-74 the relationship between British Land and Barbara and Fitz deteriorated and in October 1974 Barbara and Fitz walked away from Biba.

This exhibition celebrates the Biba lifestyle. It also looks at life beyond Biba for Barbara Hulanicki’s with her other successful careers in fashion illustration and design, interior design, architecture and fashion which are flourishing under her creative genius today. 

Barbara Hulanicki at the Brighton Museum Shop

Barbara Hulanicki has designed an illustration exclusively for Brighton Museum. 

Biba And Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki

22nd September 2012 – 14th April 2013

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery



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