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Lottie has always been obsessed with all things old and whimsical and in particular the 1940’s, UK. She’s fascinated with every aspect of this era, from the fashions to military strategy, home front and aviation.


“I love the simple yet elegant fashions, the elaborate hair styles which made up for the lack of dress details and the way women maintained their femininity during a time of hard labour, deprivation and emotional duress.”


However when it comes the style she likes to wear it’s more late 50’s/ early 60’s pieces or inspired pieces as they are more conducive to her lifestyle in California.

Who is your style icon and why?

I can’t help but adore Audrey Hepburn. I know , I could have chosen someone a little less main stream and over adored but the fact is the woman was beautiful, talented and yet so gracious, ordinary, heroic and incredibly special.  There are many, many style icons that look amazing, who grace our lives with their incredible looks, beautiful style and couture outfits and yet not so many do so whilst being graceful, peaceful, quite ordinary and super heroic.  Audrey Hepburn was a hero when she ran errands for the Dutch Resistance as a child and continued her heroism with her work for UNICEF up until she died. 


She also had a unique relationship with a fashion designer that few have ever managed so successfully.  Givenchy designed the most amazing pieces for her and so he is definitely on my list of style icons himself.  Their relationship was much more than designer and muse, it was a beautiful friendship that lasted many decades from when he first worked with her on Sabrina in 1954 until she died in 1993.  


Audrey Hepburn completely deserves her iconic status and I’m happy to be added to her list of fans.


You are given the opportunity to restyle a celebrity in your vintage look, who would it be and why?

I have never given this any thought before and now I do think about it the truth is I have no desire to restyle a celebrity. They are who they are, more often than not, because of their style.  I believe people should wear vintage or any other style they choose, because they love it and it tells something about their personality.


What iconic outfit or dress would you like to wear and why?

I would love to wear absolutely anything that Givenchy made for Audrey Hepburn, be it a costume or one of her personal outfits. All of his work was so beautiful. I’d probably most love to try on the black and white gown he designed for her to wear in Sabrina.


If you could be an extra on any Film/TV Show/Theatre Production what would it be and why?

Pan Am! I just love the clothes and settings of that show.  Failing that, Downton Abbey, this would suit my British accent more!


Have you got any tips for newbies wanting to achieve a vintage look?

Start with simple things and make a slow progression towards your vintage style so as not to be overwhelmed.  Introduce a red lipstick to your make up or learn to style your hair in a simple style of the time you’d like to emulate. There are many great tutorials on the Internet to help you get started. Just pick a period and experiment. The journey towards creating a vintage image is fun.



https://twitter.com/#!/LottieLoves1 (also to be found more often on Instagram with the same ID)



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