I'm A Very Stylish Girl

ReeRee Rockette


Owner of Rockalily Lipsticks and Hair Salon Rockalily Cuts


What made you get into vintage?

I’m not sure I can remember! The shapes flattered my body more, and I wanted to come away from the pressure to conform to a very precise fashion every season.

Favourite era & why?

The 1950s. It was the first decade that teenagers found themselves! They discovered a fashion that was different to their parents and an explicit sexuality. It must have been an exciting time.

Who is your style icon and why?

I’m not sure I have one icon. I get style inspiration from so many people! I love the femininity of icons such as Marilyn Monroe along with the punk edginess of people like Kat Von D. I also enjoy Kelly Osbourne’s playful use of fashion. I get so much inspiration from people online too.



You are given the opportunity to restyle a celebrity in your vintage look, who would it be and why? 

Britney Spears. I’m not ashamed to say I have a soft spot for Britney, but she has such awful styling. I would love to get her into some more flattering looks. And get her a decent hair cut!


What iconic outfit or dress would you like to wear and why?

This may not count, but I would love to wear a Vivienne Westwood dress. They look so solidly and classically structured. Dita Von Teese wears so many of her dresses and they all look instantly iconic.

If you could be an extra on any Film/TV Show/Theatre Production what would it be and why?

The US Office, which is my favourite TV show of all time. The fashion is terrible, but I’d be laughing constantly!

Have you got any tips for newbies wanting to achieve a vintage look? 

Don’t be afraid of fashion, it is meant to be fun. Accessories are such an easy way to start experimenting with a new style, as they can quickly transform outfits you already own. Research what the basics would be - if you’re going vintage, you will quickly notice the different in skirt length and waist height for example.

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