Working 9-5

Tom Scutt

Tom worked as the designer for the theatre production of Absent Friends, a comedy set in the 1970s. 

What is your favourite decade to style?



What do you most enjoy about your job?

Allowing audiences to view actors in a different light, transforming people


If you could work on any film/TV show/theatre production past or present what would it be

I’m trying to resist saying The Muppet Show…but I can’t.


You’re given the opportunity to restyle a celebrity with a vintage look, who would it be?

Kara Tointon in her 1970s outfit is a hard one to beat. Stanley Tucci is an actor who always looks fantastic whatever period, so for that versatility I’d say him


Have you got any tips on how to create the vintage looks you achieve? 

Go for the character not the period. Research the period of course but it’ll take care of itself.

The worst thing you can do is parody and if you’re not focused in the character that’s exactly what will happen


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