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Why did you decide to specialise in retro sweets?

I was reminiscing in the pub with my brother about Anglo Bubbly and wondered if the sweets we remembered from our childhood were still around. Having found out that the vast majority were, gave me the impetus to start trading online. I felt an online site would be a good idea, particularly as I had knowledge in this area.

Today, as well as retro sweets A Quarter Of sell contemporary ones too.


Do you have a team of people whose job it is to discover retro sweets?

All the team are tasked with keeping their ears to the ground to discover when old favourites are making a come-back. I liaise regularly with manufacturers around the UK and worldwide to see if they’re planning to resurrect favourite lines. The Holy Grail would be to bring back Spangles or Pacers; we get hundreds of requests from our fans to bring these particular lines back.


Describe what a typical day is like for you?

It’s difficult to say as everyday is different but it usually involves tasting new sweets sent in by suppliers to decide whether we want to list them. This is always a popular job in the office! I then might liaise with our management team about any issues that have arisen or to discuss forthcoming occasions. Christmas is obviously a huge sales period for us and we have to start preparing for this from August, ordering stock, planning staffing levels and promotional activity. I also spend time updating our Facebook page and Twitter site and writing my blog. We’ve got over 3,500 fans on Facebook and a strong following on Twitter, who all like to be kept up to date with developments in the confectionery world!


What do you most enjoy about your job?

I think it’s every kid’s dream to work in a sweetshop and I get to do it every day – just on a much bigger scale. As well as bringing joy to lots of consumers who may have tracked down a particular favourite sweet after years of searching, I also really enjoy the challenge of running my own business. It’s also great to be able to taste lots of new varieties of sweets that come on the market.

Although its clichéd, every day is different and I love managing a team and looking at ways to expand.  


What’s your favourite retro sweet?

Mint Fondants

Vintage Marathon Bar Advert (1976)

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