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Chocolate Week Monday 12th - Sunday 18th Oct 2015

This is the ultimate treat for all you chocoholics, because I've put together some chocolate treats, facts and events for Chocolate Week 2015.

Chocolate Show 

The Chocolate Show is the grand finale of Chocolate Week. Find out what’s going on at this year’s event, here

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th October

National Hall, Olympia, London

Kit Kat This Is Your Life
  • Due to wartime milk shortages in 1942, Kit Kat temporarily changed its recipe and was sold as plain chocolate with blue wrapping.
  • In 1958 the ‘Have break, have a Kit Kat’ advertising slogan was introduced
  • Kit Kat was going to be called Wafer Crisp, but the board of directors didn’t like the name

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

Founded in 2005, Chocolate Ecstasy Tours offers fantastical tours of London’s weird and wonderful chocolate shops, sampling delicious treats along the way.

Each tour starts with an indulgent hot chocolate and an introduction to chocolate.

Then more fun facts on both chocolate and London is delivered en route by their friendly and entertaining guides.

Chocolate Divine

Be prepared to have a seriously yummy chocolate experience. Divine Chocolate has teamed up with four celebrity chefs who have given four classic dessert recipes a make-over for Chocolate Week.


Chocolate Week will also feature a new partnership with My Chocolate, hosting a special Divine chocolate workshop in London.

They are also organising chocolate experiences and events, in shops, tearooms, cafes, restaurants and hotels across the country as well as exhibiting at this year's Chocolate Show in London.