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Vintage Scoops

Vintage Scoops brings together a dream of the future, a love of the past and a wonderful flavour of Summer. 

So what’s Vintage Scoops all about?

Myself, my Mum and Jo are available to hire for parties, weddings and events along with Betty, our vintage ice cream van. Betty was named after Hayley’s Grandmother – Hayley was the founder of the business.

We serve up locally sourced handmade ice cream with a variety of bespoke flavours.

We come dressed in floral frocks and Betty is decked in her finest bunting oozing 50’s glamour!


What made you want to start the business?

It’s actually the second vintage ice cream van we’ve had. I first started the business with my Sister Felicity 3 years ago, with a retro Ford Transit ice cream van called Kitty.

It all came about after I got a weekend job working in a Mr Whippy van. I thought it would be nice to do something totally different, serving a quality product in a glamorous and beautiful van.

Unfortunately Kitty was eventually deemed not roadworthy and we were forced to sell her.

My Sister went off on her travels so my lovely Mum decided to come on board to help me live my dream! Betty was purchased and together we now run Vintage Scoops – it’s perfect!

What's it like working as a mother & daughter team?

Obviously working closely with someone you love is bound to have its moments but mostly it’s great!

We know we can trust each other and we also know each others strengths and weaknesses so are able to delegate tasks appropriately!

Mum is really great at all the little touches, like making her own bunting and flower arranging and I’m head of social media which she hates, so it works pretty well.


What made you pick a 1950s theme?

My Mum was brought up by her Grandmother and has always had a love of vintage. She has collected so many beautiful things over the years from boot sales and charity shops. I was brought up living in a house full of embroidered table cloths and vintage china. My Sister used to run her own vintage market stall too, so we we had great fun dressing up and trying out different hairstyles. Its always been an important part of our family.

How do you come up with the different menu ideas?

I try to adjust the menu depending on the event. If it’s a wedding we do a Champagne Sorbet. Summer fêtes are great for flavours such as Eaton Mess and Pimms Sorbet, and for the children you can’t beat a good old fashioned Mint Chocolate Chip or just a really decent Vanilla.

I quite enjoy coming up with new ideas too, I recently invented a “Brighton Rock” flavour which is basic Vanilla with crushed up Brighton rock pieces through it, it’s delicious! Also alcoholic Sorbets can be fun, Mojito and Margaritas are particularly popular.

This Summer Rhubarb Crumble and Custard seems to have gone down very well too!


What do you most enjoy about your job?

Apart from eating all the ice cream…?? Ha-ha! I enjoy making people smile. Whenever I drive around in Betty people are always smiling and waving.

I love doing wedding events and I previously did a dog show in Hove called “Doggy Pride.” Being a dog lover I was in heaven watching them all! I even managed to come up with a doggy ice cream which was really cute!

It’s lovely to do a job where people are always happy, let’s face it eating ice cream is one of life’s greatest pleasures, it's the best job in the world!


Your business has been given a blank cheque, how would you spend it?

I would like to buy another van called Dolly and have it customised into our dream van. As much as I love Betty she can only drive at 35 – 40mph so we can only really attend local events.

I would love to spread the “Vintage Scoops” love throughout the country and world!


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