Strawberry Shortcake

Mychelle’s Baketique

Where did the name come from?

Baketique is the combination of the words bakery and boutique, because I wanted the bakery to be an intimate boutique bakery concept.

Mychelle’s was the name of a yacht that was docked next to my friend’s in Mexico, while we were thinking of the name for my bakery… and when we saw it we thought it was fate. It’s a cuter take on my name Michelle, and flows better. Mychelle’s Baketique.


So what do you get up to at Mychelle's Baketique?

We supply cupcakes, cakes, cookies, chocolate apples and more to local deli’s, catering companies, large events, retail stores and more. We are always creating new recipes and looking for unique dessert concepts to add to our menu.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

The creative outlet it gives me. Our motto is “your imagination can easily become our creation.”


Tell us about the classes you do?

We offer cake decorating, and baking classes. These are really fun if you want to touch up on your dessert making skills. We have recently been doing a lot of hen parties, which are especially fun bonding time for the girls and champagne is always served.


Cakes for your pet! Where did this idea come from? (My dog Tarquin-Fourmile loves it BTW)

First of all, your dog’s name is amazing! The PUPcakes I started making years ago every year for our family dogs birthdays. I did tons of research on what dogs can and can’t eat and created different cakes for them. Some even have lean beef in them!

I just didn’t realize that one day it would become an item at my bakery, which it now is.. just in cupcake versions.


Which Entertainer past or present would you like to design a cake for and why?

Jay-Z, but of him back in the day. I just love him and would have so much fun making tons of gold chains and diamond encrusted details.

Pillsbury Cake Mix 1960s Advert