Strawberry Shortcake

Restoration Cake

What made you want to start your business in the first place?

I made 150 cupcakes as my gift to two dear friends on their wedding day. They did not have the budget for a wedding cake so, as I was a keen baker, I offered my services. The cupcakes were a hit and I was so inspired that I decided to sign up to an evening class to learn all about cake decorating. One class led to another and I was soon being offered money for my cakes. Two years after these first cupcakes, I set up Restoration Cake.


So what do you get up to at Restoration Cake?

Well, June is all about weddings! This is now the busy season and I am working flat out. Each of my cakes is bespoke, so I meet with each of my couples to discuss their requirements. I sketch out my designs and send them over to the couple, so I am often drawing (though I am not very good at it!). When I am not baking, I am doing little bits of sugar-craft. I never use sprinkles – each of my cupcakes gets a handmade topper, such as a rose, a cherub, or a mini-bow – so I am always making things!

I spend a lot of time writing. I write regular features for Vintage Life Magazine and Unique Bride Magazine. I also write odd bits here and there for The Food Network UK website and for various blogs.

Recently, I have started teaching at The Make Lounge in Islington. I teach their very popular Swirls, Sparkles & Roses cupcake decorating class and have recently developed a new class called Vintage Designs, where we decorate cupcakes with a vintage inspired feel to them.

I am generally a very busy girl and running around all of the time!


What do you most enjoy about your job?

My cakes are always for such happy occasions – weddings, birthdays, baby showers – and I love that I get to be a little part of that excitement.


Which Entertainer past or present would you like to design a cake for and why?

This year, I actually achieved a dream by making a birthday cake for Dame Vera Lynn. It was her 95th birthday and I made her a baby blue cake, covered in white sugar lace and sugar pearls. She was thrilled with the cake – I know this because she told me herself! Meeting Dame Vera was a dream come true and I am now working with her charity, The Dame Vera Lynn Trust, to raise money for children with Cerebral Palsy.


If I could design a cake for an entertainer of the past, I would love to make one for Groucho Marx so that he could make a wise crack about it, or Marilyn Monroe to let her know that she was loved.

If you’re feeling inspired by the Great British Bake Off but don't have the skills to actually make anything, then you might want to consider visiting this exhibition.


The Great British Bake Off Live

There will also be an opportunity to pick up some tips from the current GBBO series bakers as well as former champions, John Whaite, Jo Wheatley and runner-up Brendan Lynch.



Restoration Cake will be in The Decorating & Finishing Classroom and Cake & Bake Theatre, Market Stands, The Book Shop, Competitions, Display Tables, Baking Classroom, Cake & Bake Café and the Cake and Bake Bloggers Community.


The Cake & Bake Show 2015

Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th October 

Excel, London