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Meet Edna and her 1930s-40s Kitchen

Not only does Edna live a vintage life, but along with her husband Harry, they get to indulge in their favourite pass time by running a Historical Interpretation business. Edna describes her 1930s-40s vintage kitchen as a never ending project, but to Edna that’s what makes it fun.

Describe your room in five words

Homely, Practical, Classic, old-fashioned, loved.


Why did you choose this particular era?
Our passion for the past began by attending events and then becoming involved in performing historical re-enactments. It was while performing 17th Century living history that I met my future husband Harry. Then the history and collecting bug really began to bite. Together we travelled through time ‘living’ through various centuries. Finally 6 years ago, we decided to settle for the mid 20th Century and specialise in the 1930s-40s era. 


What’s your favourite item/piece of furniture from your room?

The peddle bin it's rare and features hens teeth. I was so excited when I found it. 


If you could live on the set of any movie/TV show where would it be and why?
The ‘1940s House’ could you image anywhere more perfect? 


Have you got any tips for anyone wanting to create the look you achieved?

Remember it is your home not a film set, so everything has to be functional or else it is just not going to work.


Harry & Edna Vintage Sweethearts


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Wartime Cooking With Harry & Edna

Sony Radio Award

Congratulations to Harry & Edna. They have been nominated for a Sony Radio Award.


Best of luck 


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