In My Room

Meet Joanne and her 1950s Kitchen

Describe your room in five words
Bright, happy, colourful, sunny, joy

Why did you choose this particular era?
We have always loved things from the 20's to the 50's. The house style lent itself to 1950's a and we love the vibrance of the colour and the styling.

What’s your favourite item/piece of furniture from your room?
My English Rose Kitchen Cabinets because they are so typical of the era

If you could live on the set of any movie/TV show where would it be and why?
That is a tough question as I love so many movies and TV shows!! I think it would depend on what mood I was in. If I was in a glamourous mood I would live in a set from a wonderful Hollywood Musical from the days of Alice Faye, Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda.......something like the set in "That Night In Rio" or "Moon Over Miami" If I was feeling like a bit of fun I would live in Lucy's apartment block in "I Love Lucy" I would love Lucy as a neighbour and Fred & Ethel as my landlord and would never know what was happening each day. If I was feeling like getting away from it all, I would go for Doris Day's farmhouse on The Doris Day show!

Have you got any tips for anyone wanting to create the look you achieved?
Just think of lots of colour and lots of fun.......we referred to "Ideal Home" mags from the era for hints and tips.


Bringing Vintage To Life by LottyBlue

Lola Lamour (Joanne Massey) as featured in a 1950s style promotional film for LottyBlue.

Featuring LottyBlue Products. Shot by Lilac Films. Photos by Helen Cotton. Photograpghy and Music by Patrick Duffin.


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