Lovin' You

Celebrating Lakeland's 50th Anniversary

Alan Rayner started the Lakeland company in 1964. Back then they were known as Lakeland Plastics.

He would go from farm to farm selling plastic bags filled with animal farm feed, he later expanded to include selling chickens at Kendal Market. Alan and his family would spend Thursday's plucking and preparing them at home.

This soon proved very popular and he expanded the business to include, egg boxes, gourmet frozen foods and Lammacs' - plastic coats designed to protect newborn lambs. 


Just as home freezing started to take off in the 1970s Alan decided to retire and let his sons Sam, Martin and Julian, take over.


To meet the new demand for home freezing, they soon moved away from farming and focused more on kitchenware with their new catalogue, Everything For Home Cooking - A Complete Guide For Anyone With A Freezer.


The name Lakeland Limited was born in the 1990s to reflect the diverse of products they now sold, but by 2006, they eventually became known as just Lakeland.

             Facts & Figures

  • Just under 1800 colleagues work for the company.
  • Their first store opened in the 1980s in Eastgate Row, Chester. They now have over 70 stores, including a new store in Northern Ireland and Dubai.
  • To mark their 50th anniversary they launched some kitchen accessories, Mint Chocolate Collection and a Recipe Book, with proceeds going to Children In Need.
  • They create 18 catalogues a year and have now moved into digital market with their Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Pinterest and their new iPad App.