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Relive Ration Book Britain During The 1940s

Hopefully we will never again have to experience wartime rationing, so to really get an understanding of what it was like the IWM North in Manchester held a Horrible Half Term experience.

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What's Going On

During this half term event, families could listen to free daily storyteller sessions, attend workshops and interact with the performance walkabout characters, one of which is a ration-weary 1940s housewife.

But you were warned not to be tempted by any treats she may have offered you, unless of course you like cough sweets. They were the only treats that were not rationed during the war. 


The Big Picture Show experience featured an animated character called Rattus Rattus. The adventure began as soon as the lights went off. Giant screens and powerful surround sound immersed you into the heart of the 360-degree action.

This 7 minute show was free to attend and was shown in the Main Exhibition Space every day at 11am and 2pm, during the half term period at the IMW North.

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Event Highlights. Full details can be found here.


CBBC's Horrible Histories

Two brand new, full length Horrible Histories episodes were screened on Saturday 25th May and Saturday 1st June at 2.30pm in the Learning studio.

To really add to this experience wartime treats like mini-potted Woolton pies were available for you to try from the WaterShard Café & Kitchen.

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TimeStack Handling Session

During this activity you could get your hands on objects from the IMW North collection including, a tin of dried eggs and a food ration book.

You discovered the true stories behind these artefacts in the rationing and recycling themed TimeStack.

Daily at 12.30pm Main Exhibition Space

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War And Wardrobes

Food wasn't the only thing rationed during the war because clothes were included too. I bet hearing that will make you really appreciate going shopping now.

This activity taught you why the phrase make do and mend became so popular during the war.

You got to decorate your own character in thrifty ‘40s fashions and take them home to keep too.

May 29-31 & June 1 & 2.

Horrible Histories: Rotten Rationing Big Picture Show

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Activities are suitable for ages 5+ unless otherwise stated. An adult must accompany children under 12 at all times.



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