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Retro Rules

Thankfully a lot of companies are now re-using all those forgotten retro gadgets such as VHS tapes, cassette tapes and vinyl records, in their designs.

Here are a few ideas that I've found just for you, because I believe in the motto

Retro Rules!

Rude Limited Accessories 

Funky Honey

Here are a few ideas from Funky Honey if you want to give your iPhone a retro-inspired make-over.

Boom Box iPhone Cover £9.99, Calculator iPhone Cover £9.99, Game Boy Samsung/iPhone Cover £7.99, VHS iPhone Cover £9.99, Volley Flex iPhone £9.99

Old Skool

In love with retro, then you'll really be impressed with these stationery items.

There guaranteed to bring some nostalgia back in your life.

TuffleShuffle.com Rubik's Cube Notepad Block £4.99, Not The Usual VHS Notebook £11.95, Red5 back 2 Skool Desk Tidy £12.95, Spinning Hat (Amazon) Retro Vinyl Bookends £10.45, Prezzy Box Rewind Desk Tidy £17.95


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