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Tesco 1960s Store

This is a total OMG! moment because Tesco recreated a 1960s store to mark their sponsorship of the 2011 Goodwood Revival.

You could walk up and down their three aisles and browse shelves stacked high with dozens of products from the 1960s, including some of my favourites which you can’t get anymore. 

Everything was especially created in vintage packaging for the store. Even

the check-out assistants were dressed in vintage inspired uniforms with hair and make-up styled in the fashion from the area.


Andrew Higginson, CEO of Tesco Retailing Services said:


“No matter what age they are, people love taking a trip down memory lane. We have spent months planning the retro store, pouring over old photographs and employee reports, to ensure we give customers a real authentic feel of shopping in the sixties." 


How we shopped has changed a lot since the 1960s. Back then customers would collect a Green Shield Stamp for every sixpence spent on shopping.   Basically it was today’s equivalent of the Tesco’s Clubcard.


Mrs. Biddy Finch, from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, remembers shopping at Tesco in the 60s: 


“I remember buying brands like Quick Brew tea, Frey Bentos corned beef and Sunlight soap, and getting Green Shield Stamps after paying for my shopping at a manual cash register.  We stuck the stamps into special books, and once the books were full we’d get to choose a gift. 


It’s such a shame we can’t have a permanent 1960s Tesco, it would be such a dream to shop there in my vintage outfits every day.


Shopping List


Basket of staple foods


Eggs (dozen)


Sugar (kg)


Bananas (kg)


Potatoes (kg)


Butter (250g)


White sliced bread loaf (800g)


Self raising flour (1.5kg)




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