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Polly Bielecka

Sculpture in the Home by Pangolin London

Polly Bielecka is the Gallery Director at the Pangolin London Sculpture Gallery.

Polly is the curator for the Sculpture in the Home show.

Mobile by Lynn Chadwick

Why focus on the 1940s and 1950s, what was so special about that period?

The postwar period in Britain was a very fruitful time. The restrictions on materials forced artists and designers to look at their work in a new light and explore new directions.

Collaborations were also very common so there is a very special visual aesthetic emerged that traversed the disciplines of art, design and architecture.





How did you decide which artists to feature?

All the artists bar one were included in the original Sculpture in the Home exhibitions that the Arts Council put on in the 40’s and ‘50s from which this exhibition takes its inspiration.


What's your favourite item from the exhibition and what's the story behind it?

A mobile by Lynn Chadwick from 1952. Chadwick became one of our best known British sculptors but began his sculptural career making mobiles and stabiles. This mobile is complex yet elegant and still has the original paint work.


If you could time travel back to the 1940s or 1950s what era would you pick?

Fifties, so many new developments and leaps forward in the arts and culture it must have been a very exciting time.


Finish this sentence…I love my job because…

I am surrounded by beautiful objects and interesting people on a daily basis.

Lynn Chadwick Interview

Sculpture In the Home Show

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