The Sun Always Shines On TV



Tuesday 19th September




Goodnight Sweetheart, Gold, 11.15am 11.55am 11.30pm 12am

The Goldbergs, E4, 12pm 12.30pm 5pm 5.30pm

Sweet Valley High, The Vault, 1pm 1.30pm 5pm 5.30pm

Celebrity Money For Nothing, BBC1, 4.30pm

The Story Of Only Fools & Horses, Gold, 8pm


Footsteps In The Fog (1955) Film4, 11am

Faces In The Dark (1960) Talking Pictures, 12pm

The Girl On The Boat (1962) London Live, 1pm

Mysterious Island (1961) Film4, 5pm

Undercover Girl (1958) Talking Pictures, 8.05pm



Auction, Sky Arts, 2pm

The Sixties, Sky Arts, 7pm

The Channel Islands At war, Yesterday, 7pm

Inside The Tower Of London, London Live, 9pm 

Henry VII: The Winter King, BBC4, 9pm 


The Bill, Drama, 11am 12pm 12am

The A -Team, Spike, 11.30am 5pm

London's Burning, Drama, 3pm 

The Invaders, Horror Channel, 8pm

The Persuaders, True Entertainment, 11pm 12pm


Now 80s All Day, Now 80s

Frank Sinatra, Sky Arts, 3pm 6pm

Taking You Back To The 80s, Magic, 4pm

Bee Gees, Sky Arts, 5.30pm 

Rollin' Out The Rock, Vintage TV, 9pm


Watch With...Sindy


Imagine Credit: BBC/Lucky Giant


Medical comedy set in Victorian London


Tuesdays, BBC2 10pm