The Sun Always Shines On TV




Friday 31st March




The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Comedy Central, 9am 9.30am 3pm - 5pm

The Goldbergs, E4, 1pm 1.30pm 5pm 5.30pm 

The TV That Made Me, BBC2, 2pm

Goodnight Sweetheart, Yesterday, 3pm 

Fawlty Towers: Re-Opened, Yesterday, 9pm



Secrets Of Britain, Yesterday, 9am 1pm

Holiday Of My Lifetime, BBC2, 1.30pm

Antiques Road Trip, BBC2, 5.15pm

Discovering Gary Cooper, Sky Arts, 6pm

The Seventies, Sky Arts, 9pm


Sugarfoot (1951) TCM, 11am 

The Man In The Iron Mask (1977) London Live, 1.15pm

The Count Of Monte Cristo (1975) London Live, 3.20pm

Run Wild, Run Free (1969) Film4, 4.45pm

Broken Journey (1948) Talking Pictures, 6.30pm


The Professionals, ITV4, 7.50am 4.05pm

Ironside, ITV4, 8.50am 3pm

The Sweeney, ITV4, 9.55am 5.05pm

Tales Of The Unexpected, Sky Arts, 1pm 1.30pm 5pm 5.30pm

Tales From Darkside, Horror Channel, 8pm 8.30pm


1980s Music, Now 80s, From 8am

TOTP: 1983, BBC4, 7.30pm 1am

Big Hits: TOTP 1964 - 1975, BBC4, 9pm

TOTP: 1977 Big Hits, BBC4, 10.30pm

TOTP: The Story Of 1978, BBC4, 11.30pm


Watch With...Sindy

Dame Vera Lynn - Happy 100th Birthday

BBC/Captive Minds/Liz Mills


A Happy Birthday Tribute to Dame Vera Lynn


Friday, BBC4, 7pm