The Sun Always Shines On TV



Friday 24th November




The Goldbergs, E4, 2pm 2.30pm 5pm 5.30pm 

WPC 56, BBC2, 3pm

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, 5Star, 4pm 4.30pm 7pm 7.30pm

The Good Old Days, BBC4, 8pm

Peter Sellers: The Interviews, Yesterday, 10pm 



Who Do You Think You Are: Anne Reid, Yesterday, 10am 8pm 12am

Roman Britain From The Air, London Live, 12pm

Royal Recipes, BBC1, 3.45pm

Treasures Of The British Library, Sky Arts, 4pm

Wartime Farm, BBC2, 4.15pm


The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) Film4, 11am 

20 Million Miles To Earth (1957) Film4, 1.25pm 

Run For Cover (1955) 5Spike, 3pm 

White Cradle Inn (1947) Talking Pictures, 6.15pm 

Aliens (1986) Film4, 11.10pm 


Tales Of The Unexpected, Sky Arts, 9am 9.30am 1pm 1.30pm

The A - Team, 5Spike, 11.40am 

Remington Steele, 5USA, 4pm

The Persuaders, True Entertainment, 8pm

Lost In Space, Horror Channel, 8pm 


Now 80s All Day, Now 80s

Tina Turner, Sky Arts, 5pm 

New Romantics, Sky Arts, 7pm 

Freddie Mercury, Sky Arts, 10pm 11.45pm

Crooners At The BBC, BBC4, 11pm 


Watch With...Sindy

Howards End

Imagine Credit: BBC/Playground Television 


Four-part adaption of EM Forster's Classic novel, set in Edwardian England.


Sundays, BBC1 9pm