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Classic Comedy


Friday 20th July

True Entertainment

M*A*S*H, 7pm 7.30pm


A Sharpe Intake Of Breath, 7.10am

Sorry, 7.40am

Hi-de-Hi, 12.45pm 5.45pm

Are You Being Served, 1.25pm 6.30pm

Dad's Army, 2.10pm 7.15pm 8pm


Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Yesterday, 9pm - 11pm

Forces TV

Hogan’s Heroes, 7.45am 8.15am 11am 11.30am 8pm 8.30pm 

I Dream Of Jeannie, 12pm 12.30pm 7pm 7.30pm


Allo Allo, 1.40pm 6.05pm 

Are You Being Served, 2.20pm 6.40pm

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Joseph Campanella (21st Nov 1924 - 16th May 2018)


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