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Classic Comedy



Friday 23rd February


On The Buses, 3.45pm 4.20pm 

You're Only Young Twice, 4.50pm 

George & Mildred, 5.20pm


Yes, Prime Minister, 7.20am 

Ever Decreasing Circles, 7.55am 12.35pm  

Fawlty Towers, 1.55pm 2.40pm 8pm 8.45pm 

Only Fools & Horses, Gold, 3.20pm 6.40pm 7.20pm

Blackadder 2, 10.30pm 11.05pm 


The Black Adder, 9pm - 11.10pm


Bread, 1.40pm  

Steptoe & Son, 6pm 

Back In Time For Tea

Images: BBC/Wall To Wall/Duncan Stingemore

The Ellis family travel back in time to experience Tea time foods


BBC2, Tuesday 8pm

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